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Testing 1-2-3 is not like any book or sermon you have ever heard on the subject.  Does the Bible actually say that God tests us?  Would you believe that the words test, tests, testing, testeth are not in the KJV of the Bible from which we get all the other translations?  If you want to gain strength in those ongoing battles, this is your book!

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This book is a result of praying in the New Year of 2010.  The Lord began to open up some revelation that we at Zahar had never heard before, but the Word bears it out.  Did you know that our minds were tempered down to a small measure for a reason?  The Lord began to show us that this would change in the future and that knowledge will be increased.  Christians will have the ability to access the 4th dimension that only Einstein imagined.  This book may answer some of the mysteries people have asked for generations.  Who were the ancient astronauts and how are we connected?  Who built the pyramids, sphinxes and carved some of the hieroglyphics that show airplanes, helicopters, and submarines over 5,000 years ago?

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You have seen the picture of missing children on milk cartons.  What about our children we physically see everyday, but the look in their eyes shows that they are missing.   Many people are physically sitting in the pews and hearing the Word but are still missing it...present in body but missing in spirit. 

This gives some excellent encouragement to mothers and a wake up call for us all.



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Did you know that sound waves are energy and the tongue a creative force?  What we say manifests, and what we are called is a fulfilling destiny.  This is an amazing study that answers the question:  What's in a name?



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This is not a book that I recommend for anyone but a true studier.  It will absolutely conflict with every teaching that you have ever had.  It took much study of many years for the background alone.  This is the book of Job dissected thoroughly to answer the age old question of why Job went through what he did and at whose hand.  Did God give permission for the attack against Job?  If you would like to argue with a book, this may be the one!


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Now that we have become a "Secular" nation, how do we live within this captivity?  As Christians we find ourselves pushed out of freedom's realm and have been sequestered behind the scenes.  See how to take captivity captive.  Follow Daniel, David, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego as great examples.


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Clergy as well as the layman have difficulty reconciling the Old Testament to the New.  If you have fallen into this gap before, this is the book for you.  As always, there is insight to see what has been missed through traditional eyes passed from one generation to the next.  Start with a fresh view and learn how to stay out of the fissure of confusion.


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The Bible tells us what pure religion is all about.  It gives three main areas.  Outside of these main areas man has made many religions.  Some of these religions use Scriptures and some do not.  Put your religion to the test and find out how close or far away you really are.